Your phone is a cop concierto

Multimedia design

Live cinema

Your phone is a cop, 2019-2018

Isaki Lacuesta and Raül Refree

Concert at Sonar Festival, Barcelona, 2018
Concert and installation at Fabra & Coats, Barcelona, 2019

Your phone is a cop was created by the filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta and the musician Raül Refree. It is made up of a concert and an interactive installation, where viewers are invited to reflect on censorship and social control.

The concert is made up of three screens that surround the artists. Raül Refree and DJ Ylia composed the music while Isaki Lacuesta edited the images live. A software was created for the occasion.

The installation is made up of six screens and four synchronized loudspeakers. Thanks to two touch screens and a joystick, visitors can alter and modify both the sound space and the live audiovisual setup.

Your phone is a cop
Your phone is a cop instalación interactiva