Tranç proyección cara metacrilato

Multimedia design

Live cinema

Tranç, 2012

Cesc Gelabert and Isaki Lacuesta

Premiere at the Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

Co-creation process of Cesc Gelabert, a dancer, and Isaki Lacuesta a film maker. This creation combines resonances of the past and unfolding challenges of the present. The combination of live dancers with images projected on transparent methacrylates that evokes dancers from the past and leads us to today’s dance.

The images emitted by three projectors on transparent and semi-transparent methacrylates move around the stage, configuring a translucent mobile set that mixes pre-recorded images and images captured by a live camera.

Tranç sobreimpresiones y reflejos
Tranç proyección reflexión metacrilato
Tranç salto