El Mar live cinema

Audiovisual and multimedia design

Live cinema and animation

El Mar: visió d'uns nens que no l'han vist mai, 2022

Alberto Conejero and Xavier Bobés

Premiere at the National Theatre Nacional of Catalunya, Barcelona

A documentary that narrates the school teacher Antoni Benaiges’life thanks to the poetry of objects and Live cinema. El Mar is a story about a promise  made by a teacher to his pupils : to see the sea. But he couldn’t keep it that summer 1936.

Audiovisual design and production with two wireless cameras that the actors use live, to broaden the meaning of the text dramaturgy.

Creation of animations, from the own students’ engraving, which are in interaction with live images. Thanks to this combination, the magical look of boys and girls comes back to life on stage.

El Mar recreo pez saltando
El Mar llegada bañuelos