Aftermath Bienal Venecia

Audiovisual design and coordination



Aftermath. Architecture beyond architects, 2016

Isaki Lacuesta, Jaume Prat and Jelena Prokopljević

Catalan Pavilion of Architecture Venice Biennale

Aftermath focuses on the architecture experience when architects are no longer present, and when users extend it in their day-to-day life. It consists of multiple translucent glass installations with 17 projectors and 15 loudspeakers that seek to convey the experience that users are living in architectural spaces, through sounds, lights and shadows.

Thanks to mapping, images are adapted to glass shapes, either curved or straight and are synchronized with each other. The proposed audiovisual performance invites you to look and discover how spaces are inhabited and passed through in multiple and changing ways.

Creation of a webdoc with interviews with the architects, plans, models, etc.

Aftermath Bienal Venecia
Pantalla Aftermath Webdoc
MindMap Aftermath Webdoc